The token economy of this project was designed to create a fair and community-focused environment. Here’s what makes KarenDoge special:

CA: GNrh7kcH8ag4ZM4stPbkzT4xwFBEBL7TJ2bmSKRfgD2h

Only 100 million KarenDoge tokens would ever be created. This fixed amount means everyone gets a fair share, and to avoid the problem of too many tokens lowering their value.
Creating new tokens has been permanently disabled or removed. This action ensures that no additional tokens can be generated beyond the total supply that was initially set for the project.
The KarenDoge team given up control of the project. This means KarenDoge’s future is entirely in the hands of our community – you have the power!
Trading KarenDoge tokens has no transaction fees. Buying, selling, or transferring the token incur no additional charges beyond the amount being transferred.